Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sustainable Hammered Copper

Several hundred people work as copper artisans in the small town of Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacán, Mexico and are recognized throughout the world for their talent and skill.
Hammered copper art from Mexico is not only considered to be the finest in the world, but this traditional Pre-Columbian craft is sustainably produced as well.
Each copper piece is made from 100% recycled copper, eliminating the use of mined resources, and benefiting the environment. The copper is heated in a bonfire made with pine wood scraps. The flame, ash and soot from this process produces the rich chestnut patina. No chemicals are used to achieve this patina, and no molds are used. The artists individually craft each piece by hand, hammered from a single lump of copper-- that was created by melting down the pipe, wire, old motor or cooking pot. The process is extremely laborious, in many case requiring a full month or more of daily work, which consists of repeated heating and hammering the raw copper first into a mass, and then into the desired shape, finally ending with the process of a beautiful hammered finish. The work requires not only skill, but great strength and endurance, as it may take thousands of hammer blows in order to complete one large piece. Every piece is made entirely by hand and no two are exactly alike. Mexico By Hand is proud to feature the copper art created by Roberto Castro Hernandez (below).

We'll be selling hammered copper and other beautiful handmade sustainable art from Michoacán, Mexico at the San Francisco Green Festival the weekend of November 6th & 7th. Come visit us! We'll be in the Fair Trade section in booth 534.
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