Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As we in the United States get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, I am full of gratitude for both the talented Mexican artisans and our appreciative customers we have met through this small business known as Mexico By Hand. Below are a few of the hardworking artists who put their hearts and souls into the pieces they produce, the precious pieces we pack and ship to this country for you to buy and bring home-- so that you may add more pleasure to your lives. I give thanks to you, our dedicated fans and supporters who come to every sale, who express your appreciation for the art and encourage our efforts to continue bringing it to the U.S. We wouldn't be here without you.
We send you love and appreciation, and our wishes for many blessings for you and yours during the holidays.
Peggy Stein,
Mexico By Hand

Martina Navarro, maque

Zenaida Rafael Julian, clay sculpture

Herlinda Morales, clay candelabras

Martin Espicio, clay pots

Fernando Arroyo, lead free pottery

Felipe Horta, maskmaker

Jose Guadalupe Hernandez Cano, burnished pottery

Robert Castro Hernandez, hammered copper

Teofila Servin, embroidery

Ana Luisa Cano, weaving
To see and purchase folk art and crafts by these and other artisans of Michoacán, please go to our website at  We thank you for your support!