Sunday, August 25, 2013

Open for Business

Leslie's new handpainted serving/baking dish (lead-free)

Yesterday we had another nice time with a local customer and frequent visitor to Mexico By Hand's "showroom" in Berkeley. Leslie has shopped with us before AND has visited Michoacán herself, so she knows about the amazing and beautiful crafts produced by the state's talented artisans. And she keeps coming back for more! She also knows how quickly some of the best pieces fly off the shelves, so she wanted to be the first to have a look at what we had acquired on our last buying trip. And then I realized that maybe you busy Bay Area folks don't know this, but y'all don't have to wait for one of our sales events to shop with us.  Lots of retail customers (most of whom met us first at a sales event) choose to come over to my home/showroom to have a personal shopping experience. And they often bring a friend or spouse, go out to eat afterwards-- making a day of it. No crowds, usually there's parking, and then you get to see everything we have, much of which I don't schlep to outside events.
Plus, if it's a nice day and you crave a bit of scenic Berkeley, we can help with that too. I also occasionally give discounts for large purchases, because you've saved me the time and money involved in exhibiting elsewhere.

Leslie chose this burnished pot from Huancito

We are available to receive folks most days, including weekends if I'm around, just as long as you don't bring rambunctious dogs or sticky hands. And call or email me before to make an appointment at (510) 526-6395 or
Small handpainted plate (lead-free) This one is still available.