Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When traditional is progressive

Artisan making pine needle baskets
If you're a left-leaning social progressive, there are some cultural traditions that you would probably like to get rid of: patriarchy, child abuse, and big game hunting to name a few. On the other hand, there are some traditional cultural expressions that many of us recognize need preserving-- and indigenous folk art and handmade crafts fit into that category. When traditional art is also sustainable or "eco-friendly", when artisans utilize natural resources and production techniques that benefit the environment and the health of the local community, then that it is also progressive and something we should all support. And if purchasing a beautiful handmade piece of art to enrich our own lives is how we show our support for struggling artisans in Mexico, then that's a good thing to do because we all benefit.
Indigenous coastal artisans burnishing their pottery

Copper artisan from Santa Clara del Cobre

Since 2004, Mexico By Hand has been buying extraordinary handmade traditional crafts and folk art directly from award-winning artisans in Michoacán, Mexico. We feature beautiful handwoven baskets made from pine needles, paper mache figures made from newspaper, and gorgeous hammered copper vases created from 100% recycled copper scrap. We also seek out artisans who have converted to using lead-free glazes and create beautiful food safe pottery, like these below:

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